Anthony Ding

CS61B: Data Structures

Spring 2020

Hi! I'm a course tutor for CS61B, one of my favorite classes at Cal!
Here you can find worksheets for my small group sections, along with my notes.

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Thanks for a wonderful semester everyone!

Section info:

For our virtual sections, here's the Zoom link.

W 2-3 pm and F 2-3 pm

Tutoring Section Worksheets

Week 3: Pointers [Solutions]

Week 4: Arrays [Solutions]

Week 5: OOP [Solutions]

Week 6: Midterm 1 Review [Solutions]

Week 7: Complexity [Solutions]

Week 8: Sequences [Solutions]

Week 9: Trees [Solutions]

Week 11: Midterm 2 Review [Solutions]

Week 12: Sorting [Solutions]

Week 13: Balanced Structures [Solutions]

Week 14: Graphs [Solutions]

Section Notes





Midterm Review