Anthony Ding

EECS 16A: Designing Info Devices and Systems

Spring 2020

Hi! Welcome to CSM for EECS 16A!
Here you can find worksheets for our section as well as links and resources.

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Section info: (also on Scheduler)

Tu 12:30-2 pm, using this Zoom meeting link

Section Worksheets

Week 1 [Solutions]

Week 2 [Solutions]

Week 3 [Solutions]

Week 4 [Solutions]

Week 5 [Solutions]

Week 6 [Solutions]

Week 11 [Solutions]

Week 12 [Solutions]

Week 13 [Solutions]

Section Notes

Week 6

Week 12

Week 13


Important information and updates will be posted on the CSM 16A Piazza.

3Blue1Brown is one of my favorite YouTube linear algebra channels. He does really cool visualizations!

[Advanced] If you're interested in machine learning, this document (cred. Garrett Thomas) contains some pertinent linear algebra concepts for ML